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Cathy Rapp
Fine Art Photography

 My current work is about the recording of life's experiences.  How astonishing it is that we all have experienced many of the same events or had many of the same experiences.  We come together and share those moments over a photograph with each other.  Photography is at one moment very personal, yet, it can become very public.  As a photographer, I work to use my understanding of the artistic process to create an image that is fundamentally sound and provokingly emotional.  When I'm in the field working, I set up an idea for an image in my mind, my intuitive inner eye begins showing me all the possibilities of what the shot could look like if I stood here, or moved the camera there.  How quickly the mind works to keep up with the inner eye.  My work is often spontaneous and at other times purposeful.  I love color and much of my work reflects the central use of color in my images.  Photography has allowed me to record what my eyes see or create images that are waiting to be seen.